Public art for the city hall of Ratingen, 2020


A wall sculpture was realized for the new foyer of the city hall of Ratingen. The sculpture is mounted on the tall wall near the staircase to the council chamber. It marks the transition from the council hall from the seventies to the new building and the medieval fortification. The glazing of the room on both the west and east sides allows for a wide variety of lighting conditions and perceptions throughout the day.

The individual bodies of the sculpture / installation are truncated Catalan bodies (dual-Archimedean bodies). Catalan’s mathematical research, in the mid-19th century, can be seen, among other things, as a module to our current computer-aided visualization.

One of the bodies is made in copper and its materiality refers to the Chalcolithic (Copper Age). This body has a matte surface without surface sealing. It will slowly change color over time. All other bodies are finished in mirror-polished stainless steel.

The arrangement of the different bodies on the wall invites the visitors to move in the space. The different facets of the bodies allow different reflections depending on the location and depending on the light situation, the work will always open up anew.



City Hall of Ratingen
Foyer to the council hall
Minoritenstraße 2-6
40878 Ratingen